We’re Going Live

Posted: July 15, 2011 in News


Can’t make the New Works Festival because

  • You’re going to be out of town
  • Don’t live in the Phoenix area
  • You’re on bed rest
Well, you’re in luck!
The Hormel New Works Festival will be live streaming online!
Here’s is how you can access the festival:
Visit http://www.livestream.com/newplay during the scheduled staged readings, talk backs, ASU Centennial Project, the 2nd Draft Readings, and the 24-hour Theatre project.
Sign in to your Twitter account and ask questions by tweeting them along with the hashtag #newplay. Your questions will be answered in the talk back if they’re for the playwright/ actors and will be answered immediately by our team if they’re general questions.
You can also access the live feed through your Facebook page by clicking the livestream link on the Phoenix Theatre Facebook sidebar.
If you’re in the area and not on Dr’s orders to remain in your bed, then you should be at the New Works Festival in person. Tickets are still available by calling the box office at 602.254.2151!

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